Baseboards do a lot for your new floors, but they are not an essential piece in every remodel. But which remodels need baseboards, and which don't?

Some essential facts about these pieces can help you make the best decisions. Here are a few for your consideration as you start your shopping experience.

Baseboards protect your walls

If you have drywall on your walls, baseboards can help protect them from various wear and damage. They form a kick panel to prevent denting and scarring and guard against moisture simultaneously.

Baseboards also help hide crooked walls, which happens with many new floors today. The visual is much more pleasant to the eye and works for any decor scheme or baseboard size.

Baseboards cover expansion gaps

When hardwood flooring is installed, an expansion gap results around the perimeter. Baseboards work to cover this, so it's not seen.

The resulting coverage keeps dirt and debris from getting lodged in the cracks around the edges. That means you can sweep your floors cleaner, with nothing left over or behind.

Baseboards offer a beautiful visual

If you need baseboards for nothing more than visual impact, that's enough. Our flooring company makes these pieces available in various materials, shapes, sizes, and more.

When you need the perfect touch for your decor, check out what's available in baseboards. Then, finally, you might find what you've been looking for.

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