A HomeGoods Survey revealed that only a fifth (20%) of Americans feel happy with their current home decor. This shouldn’t be the case when there are so many excellent options for interior decoration. From new furniture to fancy flooring, there are many ways you can spice up your home decor.

  1. Dining Room Furniture
    If you are looking for a new way to make your freshly installed hardwood flooring shine, new furniture for your dining room might be the answer. A rich cherry wood table surrounded by matching chairs with a light, eggshell which upholstery exudes class and prominence.

  2. Living Room Furniture
    You will want to take a different approach to refurnish your living room. Where the dining room is supposed to be formal, the living room should make you feel comfortable. Plush, squishy couches, cushy armchairs, and carpeted floors all tie together nicely. Warmth and relaxation take center stage in your living room.

  3. Color Schemes
    There are a few ways to accomplish the environment you’re after. Using a thematic color palette throughout the room can tie all the elements together quite nicely. Think about gentle warm tans, oranges, and reds for a living room. A dining room might have more striking whites, and bolder colors all around.

  4. Textured Textiles
    The fabric that covers your furniture says a lot about where it belongs. A plaid green and red couch might feel more at home in a recreational space, while a chaise lounge with floral embossing really demands a formal space. Leather is more at home in car seats but can work well for recliners in the living room. It would not, however, be a good material for dining room chairs.

  5. Ambiance
    All of this comes together to create a sensory association with your environment. When you walk into your formal dining room, do you feel fancy? Does your living room entice you to flop on the couch and doze off? These are the questions you must ask yourself.
However you feel most comfortable at home, keep these purpose-driven pieces of advice in mind. Each room of your home has a reason for existing. Get new furniture and home decor supplies to accentuate that room’s function, and you will have the best from every room.