When you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, the type of flooring can make or break your final design. Among homeowners who choose to renovate their kitchens, nearly 71% choose to upgrade their floors. One of the most popular options is laminate flooring.

Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing laminate floors for your kitchen.

Pro: the cost

Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable options when you compare it to ceramic floors or hardwood flooring. Laminate floors are typically easy to install when you rely on a professional, so you won’t waste time or money on a project that is difficult to complete.

Con: they’re not as elegant

Laminate flooring doesn’t try to be something it isn’t; as such you won’t be able to trick your guests into thinking it’s hardwood or ceramic. That makes it a modest design choice that doesn’t look quite as elegant as other options.

Pro: they come in a variety of styles

However, laminate floors come in a variety of color options and styles. This gives laminate a huge advantage over the fairly consistent looks associated with hardwood or ceramic tile flooring. This enables you to take your house design in a number of directions since you aren’t limited by the style of your floor.

Con: it can’t be refinished

Your laminate flooring cannot be refinished like hardwood options. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to replace your laminate if it starts to look bad or warp underfoot. Depending on the quality of the laminate, you might need to replace your flooring every ten years or so.

Pro: it’s typically softer than other options

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, laminate flooring is the floor for you. It’s typically softer to walk on compared to ceramic and hardwood which stems back pain and feet pain. On top of that, it’s still a flooring that’s resistant to scratching and stains, so it isn’t too soft.

When you want to upgrade your kitchen, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options. Do you want laminate? Ceramic? Even carpet? If you’re stuck, call or visit Strickler Furniture today for the best flooring options for every part of your home, including the kitchen.