3 Fantastic Hardwood Flooring Alternatives For The Kitchen

A 2017 Houzz survey showed that 71% of homeowners renovating their kitchens are upgrading their flooring as well. New floors can change the entire look and feel of a room, so it’s important to take your time on this decision. Whether you want laminate floors, tile, or something different altogether, it helps to know the benefits of each type first.

Ceramic Tile
This flooring solution is among the best in terms of value for the quality. Ceramic tiles are elegant, crisp, and easy to clean, and they won’t break the bank like hardwood or marble. There are plentiful patterns and sizes to choose from, making tile one of the most versatile options on the market. There are only two drawbacks. First, tile can be quite cold to walk on when you aren’t wearing socks. Second, though the ceramic tiles themselves are incredibly easy to clean, the grout that cements them in place can take some effort.

Laminate Flooring
If you really like the aesthetic of hardwood flooring but don’t want to put up with headaches like maintenance, price, and easily scratched surfaces, look into laminate floors. They mimic the appearance with fewer apparent downfalls. They are easier to clean than both tile and hardwood, hardly fade over time, and come in at a much lower price point. One potential downfall: Since laminate flooring is still made primarily from wood, warping from water damage could become an issue in the event of a flood.

Flood vinyl floors all you want. Even though you probably don’t want a giant puddle in your kitchen for weeks on end, with vinyl floors you can! This makes for an easier floor to clean, at a similar price point to laminates. Vinyl has a long-earned reputation for being the ugly duckling of floor options, but recent aesthetic advancements have put it back on the map. Still, vinyl floors have some catching up to do in the fashion department, so if that’s a factor for you, consider other options.

These three fantastic flooring options are great alternatives to hardwood and each of them serves an important purpose. Ranging from the utility of vinyl to the class and elegance of tile, there’s something for everyone in these three options.