Carpet flooring is as great as it’s always been

When you choose carpet flooring for your home, you’re speaking to the importance of luxurious comfort and hospitable elegance in your lifestyle. This material offers immense softness, as well as designs, patterns, and colors that match nearly every décor option. It’s a very welcoming option, especially in entryways and living rooms.

The idea that these materials are hard to keep clean is a dated one, as modern manufacturing techniques have added a wealth of benefits to the fiber options available to you. You’ll be surprised at the changes that have been made. Especially if it’s been a while since you’ve experienced it for yourself, let’s find out how it might work for you too.

What can carpet do for you?

If you’re wondering what this floor can mean for you and your family, let’s look at some of the characteristics of which you can take advantage. Of course, the softness underfoot is a given, as the only available soft surface flooring in the industry. But your choice of fibers will go a long way too.

Fibers are not all created the same. Wool, for instance, is an all-natural material that offers vibrant colors and worthy durability, but it should never be placed where it can become damp. Nylon, on the other hand, offers extensive stain and crush protection, even in busy households.

Some manufacturers add stain protection into their fibers during manufacture, which means you’ll get unrivaled durability and resistance to wear. This makes your flooring easier to clean daily, and also easy for your cleaning crew when they come in to do a professional cleaning. It’s a great way to help your flooring reach its lifespan potential, without applying harsh chemicals or overusing rugs or runners. To see these materials for yourself, be sure to stop by our showroom when it’s convenient for you.

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The perfect carpet is easy to find in our Timberville showroom

When you’re ready to take the next step into your flooring journey, it can help to visit a great carpet store in Timberville, VA. Strickler Carpet has a showroom located there, and our associated are experienced in helping homeowners find a perfect match for every space where flooring is needed. If you’re in the areas of Timberville, VA, Broadway, VA, Harrisonburg, VA, Woodstock, VA, and Luray, VA, stop by anytime to find a carpet that works for all your needs.