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Looking for new hardwood? Or perhaps to restore your own?

When you are a homeowner with hardwood flooring in your home, you can rest assured that hardwood refinishing is going to be an option at some point. It's one of the reasons this floor covering has an outstanding lifespan that can easily surpass 100 years and makes it a great choice for new floors as well. When most homeowners are replacing their flooring, you will be preparing for your first refinishing project.

Refinishing not only creates a like-new floor covering, but it even gives you the option to change your stain color and finish type as well. For some, this is a great way to create the appearance of brand new flooring. But it also works to match trending décor as well.

Why refinish your hardwood flooring

Why not just replace your hardwood when excessive wear and abuse start to show? That's a good question. The answer is that you simply don't have to, but it can also be much cheaper to refinish these floors than to replace them. It can be a lengthy process, depending on the options you choose, but you'll it to be well worth the effort.

Solid hardwood can be refinished several times, about once every three or four decades. The surface layers are stripped away to leave a new layer of wood that can be refinished to include stain color and finish type. It's good to know that unfinished, or site finished, materials offer more stain colors than prefinished ones, but the process is lengthier.

We are often asked if engineered wood flooring can be refinished just like the solid variety, and the answer is a resounding yes. Since this product has a veneer of real wood, it can be refinished, although the number of times this can be done is dependent on the thickness of the veneer. You'll get the same outstanding results, including a new stain color and finish, and an appearance that looks like you've had brand new flooring installed in your home. We encourage you to stop by our showroom and see our extensive hardwood options. Your choice could add value to your home for years to come.

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