5 Ways To Cozy Up Your Living Room

Did you know that a HomeGoods Survey found that only 20% of Americans feel happy about their home decor? If you are bored with or even dislike your home decor, it might be time to get new furniture. Feeling uncomfortable in your own home due to outdated furnishing is a problem no one should have to face. Here are some modern living room furniture and decor suggestions that can make your living space cozy again.

  1. Chairs and Ottomans
    If you have a love for all things comfortable, pick up a cushy armchair and plush ottoman to go with it. Kicking back with a nice book or TV show with your feet up is one of the most relaxing ways to spend time at home.

  2. Sectional Sofa
    If you entertain a large group of guests on a regular basis, or you love having the ability to sprawl out on a massive couch, a sectional might be the answer to your living room furniture dissatisfaction. Though a sectional can take up a lot of space, it also provides the most comfortable seating per person.

  3. Carpet
    Hardwood floors are great, but let’s face it, no one wants chilly feet in their living room. A soft and welcoming carpet can warm up your home with little effort. Carpeting services can install your new carpet for you with minimal cost and effort on your end.

  4. Lights
    You might think that a light is a light, right? Wrong. Lighting makes a huge difference in the way you see your home. Having dim area lights to add to the ambiance can make those late nights feel warm and inviting instead of cold and empty.

  5. Coffee Table
    If you enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning while you get ready for work, you’ll need a place to set it down. Coffee tables are an important social station as well as a simple surface. Pick a wood tone that matches your decor, or go with something quirky and ultra-modern like matte stainless steel.
Bringing your decor up to date and transforming your home from a drab, dull base of operations to a place you enjoy living in every day go hand in hand. Your bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and wall decorations all play a role in making you feel truly at home. If you’re looking for more design ideas, or simply need new furniture, contact us today to learn more about our wide selection.