6 Home Decor Trends For Your 2018 Upgrade

If you haven’t updated your home decor recently, you’re not alone. A HomeGoods survey revealed that while only 9% have not upgraded in the past 10 years, nearly half (47%) have not in the last five years. If you are ready to tear up that vinyl flooring and toss the couch with the almost exposed spring, take a look at these home decor trends for 2018.

  1. Bold Colors
    The calm warm tones of a cold winter in home design are being pushed aside by vibrant, living color. Look for bright yellows and excessively rich reds at your nearest furniture store.

  2. Geometric Ceramic Tile Floors
    Partnered up with wild and wacky colors, geometrically arranged tile floors will make a huge statement in 2018. Fractal patterns with vibrant expressive colors could bring charm to the laundry room with little effort and do away with ugly vinyl flooring for good.

  3. Hardwood
    Like tile floors, hardwood planks are being rearranged and stained different colors to form patterns to create a textured look for your dining room.

  4. Shaped Living Room Furniture
    Contoured, flowy furnishings are no new thing. In fact, this year looks to continue a modernist trend for particular people.

  5. Brass
    Were you getting sick of stainless steel everything? Well, take a look at brass and copper piping and tables for a much warmer approach to metal. This tip s consistent with the overall movement toward bold and colorful.

  6. Authenticity
    What does authenticity even mean anymore? For many, it means that the slight dent in the cabinet or the exposed unpainted wood on a bed frame are not intentional, but instead a casualty of human error. Accepting this fallibility is human too, making this holistic approach to interior decoration not only quirky but refreshing.

It can be hard to decipher some of the jargon that goes along with home decor design. What’s important, though, is to pay attention to your own desires and think about what will make you most comfortable at home. Use the above trends to inspire your own creativity. Whatever decor upgrade plans you have, come check out our furniture store for the look that fits your personality.