9 Tile Flooring Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

If you are about to renovate your kitchen, upgrading your floors should be a top priority. It’s time to tear up that ugly old vinyl and replace it with something much more classy. There are typically two options for people to consider when they are in your position. For the kitchen, 90% of homeowners prefer either hardwood or tile flooring. While hardwood is always coveted, it can be damaged fairly easily in the kitchen, making tile a fairly standard choice. So, what styles of ceramic tile flooring would make your kitchen come to life?

  1. Clean Off-White
    If you like the simple classic look of a kitchen in good repair, choose an off-white like an eggshell, or a subtle light grey.
  2. Black and White Grid
    Go back to the 1950s with this retro white and black alternating grid pattern. Often called subway tiles, this will match your vibrantly colored cabinets.
  3. Mosaic
    If you want accent flooring, choose mosaic sty ceramic tile floors. Create art you can admire while you cook.
  4. Small
    If you have a small kitchen, using smaller sized tiles will make it feel a bit less closed in. Small tiles can also be arranged in complex geometric patterns.
  5. Large
    On the other hand, if you have a big, open floor plan kitchen, larger tiles are a great way to make it feel vast and expansive. Choose solid colors in this case.
  6. Patterned
    Perhaps you want a consistent pattern you can find in each tile. This can be anything from subtle swirls in the ceramic to an intricate layout of several different color tiles that repeat.

  7. Gradient
    If you have a straight kitchen counter layout where the refrigerator is at one end and the stove is at the other, consider gradient tile flooring. Have it start as one color at the counter, then fade into another by the time it reaches your kitchen table.
  8. Heated
    Some contractors will be able to install a heating surface under the tiles to keep your feet warm while you cook.

  9. Matte Black
    There’s something stunning and strong about a matte black kitchen floor. It exudes power and position.
There are many creative and crazy ways you can use ceramic tile flooring in your kitchen. This is because you can find tiles in almost any color and size. If you would like an out-there design for your kitchen flooring, ceramic is certainly the way to go.