Traditional flooring materials like carpet and solid hardwood are always excellent choices for a living room. However, a more modern option, like porcelain tile, may be best for your home, especially if it has a radiant heating system.

All types of flooring, including trendy luxury vinyl and laminate planks and tiles, can be found at Strickler Carpet, a flooring store in Timberville, Virginia.


Nylon is the most durable carpet fiber and, thus, the most popular fiber with homeowners. It is also the most resilient fiber, which quickly bounces back to its original form after footsteps have compressed it.

Highly stain-resistant brands, often composed of long-lasting triexta and backed by a pet-friendly warranty, are a wise choice if you have a pet.


You can count on hardwood to elevate your home decor with its sophisticated look, and if you sell your home, you can be sure that it will attract many homebuyers. Most often, solid wood new floors are nailed to a wood subfloor.

Light wood complements a contemporary style; dark wood is ideal for rustic decor, and medium wood works well with a traditional theme.

Laminate and luxury vinyl

Laminate and luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring mimic natural flooring materials. Both types of flooring are composed of multiple layers, and as for differences, waterproof luxury vinyl tolerates standing water while waterproof laminate repels water for about one day.

Also, less expensive laminate has a fiberboard core, so it is warm underfoot throughout the seasons.

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