How to Craft the Master Bedroom of Your Dreams

If you’re looking to revamp your master bedroom this summer, there are easy ways to craft the master bedroom of your dreams without breaking your budget. Try these tips when you want to take your bedroom from “good” to masterful.

1. Carpet, carpet, carpet

In a study conducted by Houzz, nearly 40% of homeowners prefer carpeting in the master bedroom. Not only does luxury carpeting offer a warm, inviting atmosphere to your cozy corner of the world, it also reduces the allergens in your home compared to the beautiful hardwood flooring in your living room.

Try accenting your main carpeting with accent rugs and warm curtains that highlight the colors in your carpet for a cohesive look.

2. Add a pop of color

It doesn’t matter where, but a pop of color can bring light to an otherwise neutral master bedroom. Consider adding a beautifully patterned blanket on your bed, or adorn an accent wall with a fun wallpaper. If you’re on a budget, simply painting some cheap canvases turns date night into memories that can last a lifetime.

3. Finally splurge and buy new bedroom furniture

If you’ve noticed your master bedroom looks a little claustrophobic, it might be time to buy some new storage. Luckily, there are stylish options for new furniture to push your bedroom from drab to fab; instead of going for the usual storage totes, consider buying storage-savvy side tables to keep your favorite items within reach of the bed.

For items you use less often, purchasing a stylish bedroom bench or trunk that doubles as a seating location. Stationing this item at the foot of your bed will not only add a regal feel to your master bedroom, but you’ll feel good knowing your new bedroom furniture promotes style and function. Try hunting for options in neutral colors with subtle, yet ornate details to accent your room. Going for a larger furniture option can result in a claustrophobic feeling. Choose lighter colors and try to keep the patterns limited to the walls or carpet.

It can be hard to refurbish a master bedroom on a budget, but following these tips can help keep your vision on track. If you have decided to add a beautiful carpeting option to your home, consider calling Strickler Furniture for the best carpet installation in Virginia.